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Gray St Flowers


Red Willow in mottled finish pot. Cranky Ceramics vase - looks like a sea anemone. Arrangement of Proteas, Lotus pods with a bundle of Red Willow. Selection of vases and an arrangement of yellow Disbud Chrysanthemums and Asiatic Lilies. Ficus Lyrata indoor plant, add dramatic green lush foliage to your living areas or office space. Large grey stone pots, White speckled grey pot with Ficus Lyrata indoor plant. Gorgeous deep purple Oncidium orchid plant. Metal leaf plates & terrarium/hurricane shade. Gold lined, textured metal bowl. Ornamental kale, black Willow, Fan Palm leaves, and a vase wrapped in Lotus leaves. Gorgeous Phaleanopsis orchid plant in a twiggy basket.

Your Business

The image your business projects, says a lot about who you are and what you do!

Fresh flowers will reinforce your brand, projecting the image you are after. From smart, modern and professional, to the ambience of a café, we can style your flowers to suit your workplace.

We can align our flowers to your image, even incorporating your corporate colours if so desired.

Show the world you mean business and add some beautiful flowers to your reception desk, office, tables or mantelpiece.

Our Service

We will deliver fresh flowers every week and make sure they are looking at their best all week, every week!

For your convenience we place, fill and have your flowers ready to go for the week. All you need to do is admire the ever-changing array of flowers!

We have a range of containers and vases to hire or buy that will suit the look of the flowers and your business.

What to do next

Contact us by phone 5572 2000, email or pop into the store to discuss your needs.

We will then visit your workplace to see where the flowers need to be positioned in order to make the appropriate arrangement.

Impress your clients, create a great workspace with some great displays and beautiful flowers from Gray St Flowers!